Welcome to Tysons' Fine Minerals! We sell mineral specimens, jewellery and lapidary art. We also have a large, on-site workshop. When time permits, we are happy to tour visitors through our facility and our 19th century home. When you’re in Nova Scotia, please come browse our store - or choose from our wide selection of natural stone beads and cutting rough and take home something made just for you.
Tysons’ Fine Minerals Inc. is owned and operated by Rod & Helen Tyson. Tysons’ began in Edmonton, Alberta in 1975, first as a partnership between Rod Tyson and John Gorham, then between Rod and Helen. Incorporating in 1988, Tysons’ moved to Parrsboro, Nova Scotia in 2007.
Canadian minerals are our specialty and we do a lot of our own collecting (from sea to sea to sea). It was the wealth of local minerals that brought us to Parrsboro, though we’ve found many other reasons to love this area. We also buy, sell and trade international minerals, with an emphasis on well-crystalized display specimens.
Helen began making stone bead jewellery in 1991. The exquisite silver beads from Bali were her initial inspiration but with a background in geology, Helen’s real passion is the quality of the stones. “I buy the best quality beads I can find and never let my design overwhelm the material.”
When we were in Edmonton, Ken Eisenbarth was our lapidary artist, making eggs, spheres, slabs and individual beads, largely from Canadian minerals. Here in Nova Scotia, Rod does most of our lapidary work, often using local material. He focuses on handmade display items but also provides accent pieces for Helen’s work.
Tysons' Fine Minerals is located in the town of Parrsboro, Nova Scotia... along the shores of the World Famous Bay of Fundy. Visit our store at 114 Lamb's Hill Road or contact us by phone at 1-902-728-8364 or by email at info@tysonsfineminerals.com.

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